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After graduating from Gardner-Webb University with a BS in Marketing and then an MBA in 2009 our General Manager decided he didn’t want to live north of the Mason Dixon line if he could avoid it.  That was when he decided to open a Roofing and Siding office for Veterans Construction in Charlotte.

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Veterans is one of the best roofing companies near Charlotte North Carolina. We not only have experienced crews, but we spend a tremendous time in training and continuing education. We pride ourselves on fast response when someone gives us a call for a roof replacement or roofing repair.

Every roofing appointment starts with an initial inspection. The first thing we need to do is find out why think you need a roof replacement or a roofing repair in the first place. Once we have evaluated the situation we determine if it would be worth filing an insurance claim to see if your insurance company will pay to replace the entire roof or pay for the shingle repair for you.

If an insurance claim is not possible we will then take detailed measurements and then figure out the exact materials that you will need, and work up the lowest cost roofing estimate we can while maintaining quality materials and processes.

If you own a home in Charlotte or one of the nearby suburbs and are looking for a Roofer you can trust, we are the only local roofer you need to call for your roof estimate.


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Veterans Construction – Roofing and Siding – Charlotte, NC

At Veterans Construction, Roofing & Siding we are a family owned and operated roofing and siding company that is proud to be reroofing Charlotte and the Piedmont region. We have installed thousands of roofs over the past decade, so we know what we re doing.

We know that a roof leak can be stressful, hopefully you call us to replace your roof before it starts leaking. We promptly answer all calls and voicemails. Let us inspect your roof as it may be giving signs that a leak is right around the corner.

Give us a Call Today to Schedule your Free Inspection 704-705-5561

Roofing Installation Services – We only install the highest quality shingles from top manufactures. Some of the shingles we use are Atlas Pinnacle, GAF Timberline, and Owens Corning Duration.

Many people in Charlotte think a new roof installation is a costly requirement, but we think it is more than that. When you invest in a quality roofing material and the best roofing company to reroof your home, you are making an investment in protecting your family.

We help you get the new roof your home and family deserve.

A New roof not only protects your family, but it protects the value of your home. A new roof adds curb appeal and makes your home and neighborhood more desirable. Home buyers don’t want to buy a house with an ugly old roof or live in a neighborhood with old ugly roofs. This is why a new roof can achieve over 70% ROI which is one of the top projects you can do to improve the value of your home.

Roof Replacement Services – If your roof has seen years and years of harsh winters, and stormy springs, and you think it might be time to replace it, you don’t want to delay that decision. If you replace your old roof before it starts leaking you will save time and money fixing the interior water damage.

Call Veterans Construction – Roofing and Siding of Charlotte Today to for a free evaluation of your Roof 704-705-5561

Roof Repair Services – Sometimes you neglect calling in a roofing company before it is too late, and you experience a leak during a particularly bad rainstorm. Sometimes life gets busy and you never get around to calling out an experienced roofer and the small leak turns into a big leak. We won’t judge, just let one of our repair technicians find and repair the leak.

Call Veterans Construction – Roofing and Siding of Charlotte Today to fix your leak 704-705-5561 

Most new roofs in Charlotte are either asphalt shingles, or metal. A lot of HOA’s won’t approve metal so the vast majority of old roofing is either 3-tab shingles, or Architectural Shingles. Most of these shingles are builder grade CertainTeed shingles. They were the cheapest shingles on the market when Charlotte experienced it is first wave of housing development growth and are often still the preferred choice for builders on budgets.

Knowing that your home is likely your largest investment, and it houses your family, the best way to protect it is ensuring that there is a quality roofing system. A properly installed new roof will give you decades of protection and peace of mind. But, having the lowest bidder throw up a roof you cannot trust, can cause untold worries and headaches.

Give us a call 704-705-5561 and we will schedule a full roof inspection and then sit down and see what options fit your budget and needs. Wind, rain, and ice are harsh here in Charlotte, does your roof have you and your family protected?

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Vinyl Siding Replacement

Vinyl Siding is one of the most in demand siding materials in Charlotte and most of the North Carolina. There are a handful of vinyl siding manufactures. Each vinyl siding manufacture has it’s own set of colors but there are only a few main styles that all of them make. The main siding profiles are Dutch Lap, and Strait. They also come in different sizes, from 4 inch siding, 4.5 inch siding, and even 5 inch siding. Veterans Construction Roofing and Siding is your top choice for helping you navigate all the options.

Vinyl Siding is attractive, durable, affordable, and it needs little to no maintenance. Veterans Roofing and Siding has a team of certified installers that have been trained to install all the major types of vinyl siding from Dutch lap siding, vertical siding, shake siding, and standard horizontal siding.

If you are looking to add curb appeal to your home, siding replacement is an economical way to give your home a face lift. There are many reasons to replace your old siding. If you have swollen boards, sagging pieces, broken panels, lose sections, or peeling paint you may need to replace your entire siding because more than just looking bad, damaged siding can create a space for pests water intrusion which can lead to more headaches and problems. 

Veterans Construction Roofing and Siding has provided excellent vinyl siding services to the Charlotte area for over a decade. Our professional siding installers are experienced in vinyl siding installation, vinyl repair, and cleaning services. If you are ready to give your home a much-needed make over call one of the best roofing and siding companies near Charlotte.

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