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After traveling the country selling roofs after hail storms with a national roofing contactor Jeff Pniewski decided it was time to settle down. He returned to NE Ohio so he could be closer to family and get off of the road. Being a graduate of nearby Cloverleaf HS. Jeff has been apart of the Northeast Ohio community for most of his life.

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Veterans is one of the best roofing companies near Cleveland North Carolina. We not only have experienced crews, but we spend a tremendous time in training and continuing education. We pride ourselves on fast response when someone gives us a call for a roof replacement or roofing repair.

Every roofing appointment starts with an initial inspection. The first thing we need to do is find out why think you need a roof replacement or a roofing repair in the first place. Once we have evaluated the situation we determine if it would be worth filing an insurance claim to see if your insurance company will pay to replace the entire roof or pay for the shingle repair for you.

If an insurance claim is not possible we will then take detailed measurements and then figure out the exact materials that you will need, and work up the lowest cost roofing estimate we can while maintaining quality materials and processes.

If you own a home in Cleveland or one of the nearby suburbs and are looking for a Roofer you can trust, we are the only local roofer you need to call for your roof estimate.


A Cleveland Roofing Company You Can Trust


Veterans Roofing and Siding is a top roofing company in Cleveland Ohio. We have experienced crews and spend a tremendous amount of time on training. Our top priority is a fast response when some you give us a call when you need your roof replaced or your roof repaired.

Every roofing evaluation begins with an inspection. During this roof inspection we diagnose why you might think a roof replacement is necessary or a roof repair would be warranted. After our initial inspection we can determine if there is sufficient damage that would warrant your insurance company coming to conduct an inspection to see if your roof replacement or roofing repair is covered under your policy.

If there is not sufficient storm damage that would be covered under your insurance policy, and you roof is just at the age that it needs replaced our trained estimators then take accurate measurements to figure out what materials you need and in what quantities, in order to write up an estimate that gives you the best quality roof at the best price possible.

If you live in one of the Cleveland Suburbs and in need of a local roofer that you can count on, we are the only call that you need to make.

Veterans Roofing and Siding of Cleveland

At Veterans Roofing & Siding of Cleveland we are honored to serve the Cleveland area as a family owned and operated company. Having installed roofs on thousands of homes of the past ten years, you can trust that we have the knowledge and experience to have confidence in your new roof.   

Having a roof leak is stressful, and we home that before your roof starts leaking you give us a call. We will be prompt in answering your calls and returning your voicemails. A leak might be right around the next big storm, call us to get a professional roof inspection and avoid your next big headache.

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Roofing Installation Services –We recommend installing shingles from a top manufacturer. The most popular shingles in the Cleveland area are Owens Corning Duration, GAF Timberline, and Atlas Pinnacle. We will only install the best quality shingles on your roof provided by the from top roofing material suppliers.

Most homeowners in Cleveland know that a new roof replacement can be a costly necessity, but we know that is much more than that. Investing in a quality roof installed by a trusted roofing company is an investment in protecting your family and your home.

Let us get you the roof you and your family deserve.

A new roof not only is an investment that will protect the value in your home, but of your whole neighborhood. When someone is looking to buy a home, the first thing they see is the old ugly roof just waiting to leak. This is why investing in a roof replacement not only sells homes quicker but usually will return 70% ROI one of the highest rated home improvement projects you can complete.

Has your roof been through many stormy springs and harsh winters? Do you think it might be about time to replace it? You don’t want to wait until it is too late, and you have a roof leak that needs repaired and have a big expensive interior project that needs repaired.

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Roof Repair Services – Sometimes you neglect calling in a roofing company before it is too late, and you experience a leak during a particularly bad rainstorm. Sometimes life gets busy and you never get around to calling out an experienced roofer and the small leak turns into a big leak. We won’t judge, just let one of our repair technicians find and repair the leak.

Call Veterans Construction – Roofing and Siding of Cleveland Today to fix your leak (216) 307-6523

Cleveland homes are made up of mostly asphalt shingles, or metal panels. But, if you live in an HOA there is a very low chance that you will get an HOA to approve a metal roof. So, the vast majority of the roofs that get replaced are 3-tab roofing, and architectural shingles. Most of these shingles are CertainTeed shingles. They were the cheapest shingles on the market when the majority of homes in the Cleveland area were getting replaced, and are still the most used budget shingles for new construction.

Your home is often your largest investment, it houses your family and the best way to protect them and your investment is to ensure you have a quality roofing system. When a trusted roofing company installs a new roof with quality roofing materials it will give you decades of protection and peace of mind. But, when a homeowner chooses the lowest bidder to slap any old shingle and other low quality materials your life will be full of headaches and expensive repairs.

Give us a call (216) 307-6523 and to schedule your full roof inspection. Once an evaluation is completed we can go over your options to see if you qualify for an insurance claim, or find out what type of roofing will meet your needs and budget. Rain, wind, and snow are harsh to roofs here in Cleveland are you sure that your roof is protecting your family and your home?

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