Leaky Roof Repair

How many times have you wished you took preventative steps before a serious problem occurred? It is one of the facts of life in many situations, and more often than not this is the feeling we get when we have to make roof repairs. One of the reasons few homeowners take preventative steps is knowing that the roofing contractor is going to say there is a need for a full roof replacement. It is a sad fact that many roofing companies tell every person who calls in that they need a full roof replacement, even when that is not the case. At Veterans Roofing and Siding we have a different perspective. We are more than happy to help customers who only need roof repairs.

Reliable Roofer with Over 50 Years Combined Experience

If your commercial or residential property is in need of a roof repair, don’t let a small problem become a major issue. It is much wiser to be proactive, and not procrastinate over roof leaks and needed repairs. Not only will fixing small roof problems save money on the repair they will prevent large headaches of water intrusion and damaged drywall.

With proper and timely inspections you can avoid these common issues:
  • Flashing: When flashing is not properly installed or the sealant had degraded over time water may pass through the cracks or in between the flashing. Damaged flashing and sealant must be replaced. Sealant that has cracking and has broken down due to sun exposure needs to be removed and the flashing needs resealed.
  • Shingles: The most common issue with roofing shingles is missing and broken tiles, loose shingles, and cracked ones. Some signs of shingles being near the end of their life are buckling, blistering, curling, and warping. Other shingles may have little to know granules left, replacing shingles before the cause a leak is essential.
  • Chimneys: These are the cause of half of all roof leaks. The flashings at the bottom where the roof meets the chimney is a constant source of leaking and problems. Sometimes the flashing was not installed properly to begin with, and sometimes it broke down over time. Chimneys are an area that needs constant inspection to prevent leaks.
  • Vent Pipes: These pipes vent the plumbing and are usually white PVC that comes out of your roof. There are usually rubber “pipe boots” or “pipe jacks” that seal around the pipe and the roof. These areas are prone to break down over the course of the life of the roof and usually need replaced at least twice as often as the roof. These leaks are a major source of roof leaks.
Veterans Roofing and Siding – Roof Repair Process
  • Inspection and Diagnosis – The initial inspection allows our reliable roofers to evaluate the current state of the roof and diagnose any problems or possible future issues with the current roofing system. Sometimes it starts with you showing us a leak and us figuring out how the water entered your home, other times we look for spots that have the most likelihood of causing a leak if not addressed. Once we have the diagnosis our reliable roofing staff will go over the situation and make recommendations and give you an estimate for each remedy we suggest.
  • Preparation – Once the contracts have been signed the areas that need repaired are prepped. This could be many things depending on the repair, but most often includes removing the old roofing materials in a section, cleaning the areas and making sure they are dry of any moisture.
  • Repair – The needed repairs are then completed by our reliable contractors. Once the repairs are completed, they are inspected by a field manager to ensure high quality craftsmanship.
Why Should You Call Veterans Roofing and Siding for your Roof Leak Repair?

As one of the most reliable contractors around our company philosophy revolves around honesty. We want our clients to trust us. Not just to repair this leak, but to repair future leaks, and eventually replace their roof. Our workmanship and professionalism offered to our customers adds more value than just being the first roofer to answer the phone. We use that professionalism to complete every job no matter the size with superior workmanship and pride in our labor. Our goal and guarantee is that you will see our work and see a job well done, with care, integrity, and pride.