New Roof Installation

Most homeowners see the investment of a new roof installation as an expense Not realizing that a new roof installation is an asset that saves a lot of money over the long term. A new roof can provide an ROI of 65-70% which is one of the most cost-effective home renovation projects that you can undertake. At Veterans Roofing and Siding we are specialists in many different types of new roof installations, which makes us the most reliable roofer when you have a roofing need.

What is Import about the Roof Installation Process?

As your roof ages there comes a time to consider if you want to continue to make costly repairs year after year or invest in a new roof from a reliable roofing company. A lot of times the decision to re-roof your home is the most cost-effective solution when you consider the affordable prices and financing options offered by Veterans Roofing and Siding.
A new roof not only increases the value of your house, but if you decide to sell it, the number one thing buyers look at is the age and condition of the roof. With shingle technology getting better and better most new roofs will last decades, and you won’t need to worry about repairs or replacing it anytime soon. A new roof installation instantly adds to the curb appeal of your home. As far as home improvement projects go, there aren’t any better investments that can instantly and dramatically change the look and feel of your house. And don’t forget if you add skylights during the process your can add natural light to rooms where you can’t add windows.

Types of New Roof Installations

Metal Roofing Installations

If you are investing in a new roof, a good choice is a metal roof. They last on average 50 years when installed by a reliable and local roofing contractor. The new technology of metal roofs makes it possible to get the look and installation of traditional shingles, and some are even impact resistant.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Installation

The most affordable type of roofing installation is usually an Asphalt Shingle. This type of roofing is best suited for steep slope applications and is versatile.

Installing Wood Shake

Installing wood shake roof can bring aesthetics to your house if you want a rustic look. It adds dimensional stability and is extremely durable and has great insulating capacities. The downside of shake shingles is the constant maintenance. Every few years they need to be sealed to maintain their lifespan.

Flat Roofing Installation

Depending on the application a flat roof can provide a lot of cost savings when compared to other types of new roof installations. They also tend to be maintenance free, on top of the fact they can be used as decks or patios.

Tile Roofing Installation

A tile roof can complement any style of home. There are so many different colors and styles available the options are limitless when it comes to matching your home’s style and feel. Tile has a long lifespan and is not very susceptible to storm damage.

Slate Roofing Installation

One of the highest quality roofing materials and the one with the longest life span is Slate tiles. Slate is durable making it a perfect roofing material that can be split into shingles of different sizes and widths. Slate roofing requires a high degree of skill and craftsmanship. A Slate Roof is a custom job where each slate shingle is measured trimmed and installed by hand. Slate can add aesthetic charm, and Veterans Roofing and Siding is more than capable of providing you this customer work.

Roof Installation Financing

If you are looking for roof financing Veterans Roofing and Siding has you covered. We have adorable financing options through our Home Improvement Lending Partners, and their easy to complete application process makes it more affordable than ever to get the new roof you deserve.

Benefits of Hiring Veterans Roofing and Siding

You can rest easy knowing that every roof Veterans Roofing and Siding installs comes with the highest quality roofing materials that ensures your roof weathers every storm and lasts as long as possible. Every one of our new roof installers has gone through extensive training and has years if not decades of experience, allowing us to complete your roofing project with the highest level of efficiency and safety.