Property Protection

When you choose a roofing company your goal is to make your home better than new. But, if during the process other items get damaged that takes the excitement out of having a new looking home. At Veterans Roofing and Siding our crews are trained to treat your property as if it was their own. But, occasionally accidents happen, and when they do we take great pains to make sure you are satisfied with our workmanship.

Protecting Landscaping and Plantings.

Replacing a shingled roof can be a messy job, thousands of nails, and debris of all sizes, a team of men with equipment and tools, everywhere. During the process it can seem like a disaster but by the time we are done the goal is to make it seem like your roof magically changed itself and we were never there. The first step to protect your home is to utilize large tarps and plywood. This keeps most of the debris out of the flower beds and out of the lawn and mulch.

Extra Care for Driveways

We know there is nothing worse than having a brand new roof and then finding a damaged driveway. This happens most often when a company uses a huge metal roll off dumpster. Because these containers are metal the weight of the dumpster added to the weight of your old roof puts pressure points directly into your driveway, then when they go to move it, it can cause scratches or cracks.

This is why we use dump trailers. They are considerably lighter than roll off dumpsters and the tires protect your driveway from hard metal rollers.

What’s Protecting Your Property Worth?

Premium protection takes time, and time is not cheap, but without investing the time to protect your property before we replace your roof can we really claim to be committed to making your property better than it was before? What is it worth to preserve mature flower beds and avoid flat tires? We think it is worth the extra time and cost. When repairmen come to our home, we expect them to take pride in their work and care for our property, and we know you agree.

If you are ready for a free roof replacement estimate call Veterans Roofing and Siding today.

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