Veterans Construction New Roof Review 9

Q1.) How did you find out you had hail damage to your roof? 

A.) Veterans Con. Jonathan Jordan told Me I Had Hail Damage


 Q2.) How did Veterans Construction help make the Insurance Process easy for you?

A.) Good


 Q3.) Did Veterans Construction do everything we said we would?

 A.) Yes. 


 Q4.) How Well did we clean up when the job was completed?

 A.) Very Very Good


 Q5.) What are the 3 top ways you would describe your work to your friends and family?


Out Standing Work

 Q6.) If you had to do it all over again, what are the 3 reasons you would still choose Veterans Construction?

A.) Very Prompt, Very Honest, Very Good Work


 Q7.) Any Additional Comments?

A.) Very Well Satisfied

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